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Here are some of the testimonials from our very satisfied patients. 

Thank you, Tinu!

"I injured my right shoulder while doing some physical activity, due to which I slowly lost half of my right arm mobility. The doctor took an X-ray and found everything was OK. I was then advised to go for an MRI. At this point, I decided to see a physical therapist and was recommended by a friend to see Tinu Thomas. Tinu verified my X-ray, confirmed all was well, and then very compassionately treated me with dry needling, followed by Kinesio taping. I was really amazed by the speedy recovery. To my disbelief, I regained about 80% of my arm movement after just one session with him. After couple of other sessions and some follow-up exercises that he recommended, I have now completely regained my hand mobility and strength. If I had to describe his amazing treatment to me in one word, it would truly be ‘magical’. Thank you Tinu!" A.S



I had upper and lower back pain for multiple years and had tried many different types of treatments, with minimal relief. My back doctor referred me to Tinu Chacko. Within few weeks, I could tell the difference with my pain. At first, I was a little apprehensive about dry needling, but after one or two sessions, I was a believer! It really made a huge difference in my pain.  I recommend Tinu Chacko to all my friends and co-workers when they complain about their back pain.”  I.F


I had frozen shoulder and I was sent to see Dr. Chacko by my family doctor. After a month of treatments twice a week, I could move my shoulder almost as if it had never been injured. I still keep up with my exercises that he taught me.” M.M


I had neck pain for years after a bad car accident. My pain became even worse, and then I started having numbness in my hands. After a couple of steroid injections to my neck, my pain specialist sent me for physical therapy. I could really tell a huge difference in how well I could move my neck and hand after a couple of sessions. I am so glad I found Dr. Chacko; I would definitely recommend him.” L.R


I was diagnosed with repetitive stress injuries that caused me severe neck, shoulder and elbow pain. I took physical therapy with Tinu and Barbara. I would highly recommend these hands-on, caring, and efficient therapists. The ergonomic advice they gave me has made a good impact on my pain and I am back to work.” J.N.


I was advised to have surgery for my carpal tunnel syndrome. Tinu treated me with dry needling and exercises. I am so glad to say how much better I feel now and I can postpone surgery indefinitely.” K.S


I had rotator cuff surgery and a friend of mine advised me to see Tinu for physical therapy. I am glad that I did. I have been able to return to work even sooner than my surgeon initially expected because of my quick recovery.” D.R.


I was dizzy for months and no one could really help me until I started taking vestibular treatments with Tinu Chacko. Now I am much better and I am keeping up with the exercises. “D.T.


My family doctor sent me to Tinu Chacko to improve my balance and work on fall prevention, based on my VNG testing. I am glad that I did and it has helped me a lot.” J.H.


My primary care doctor diagnosed me with BPPV. She advised me to see Tinu Chacko for treatment. Dr. Chacko explained to me what the diagnosis means and the treatment that is used. He made me feel comfortable with the treatment process and was successful in two visits. He also taught me how I could position by myself if I were to have the symptoms again. It has been 8 months and I am glad that I am still symptom free.” S.F


"This is my third round of physical therapy at A1 Physical Therapy.  I first saw Tinu for my neck in January 2012. I came back to him in December the same year for my low back pain. Now, I am seeing him for my knees. Tinu and Barbara are great. Gaby also makes me feel at ease and takes care of scheduling my appointments and sends me reminders in time for my appointments". V.N.


"I was suffering from tension headaches for last 2 years. Currently I am under physical therapy with Dr. Chacko and my frequency of headaches started going down. I am glad I found them because the therapists are knowledgeable and pleasant". S.T



Testimonials from referral coordinators:


A1 Physical Therapy promptly accepts and schedules patients.


Great communication with physicians and referral coordinators about progress and follow up as required.

We had multiple patients that we once refereed to Dr. Tinu Chacko ask for him again when they require physical therapy again. Gaby keeps us well informed about the updates as required. It is always easy and pleasant to communicate to her with insurance and scheduling matters. It is really a great team at A1 Physical Therapy Clinic.



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