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Our outpatient clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Las Colinas, just off Hwy 114  and O'Connor on O'Connor Ridge Blvd at the Summit Office Campus. In Frisco, we are at the Frisco Corners Office Park. In Bedford, we are located off 183 and Forest Ridge Dr. In We have the latest, most sophisticated equipment, the clinical skills, and expertise to treat all your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems, including pain, range of motion limitations, weakness, and balance problems. We specialize in treating spine and joint problems. We will take care of all your rehabilitation needs after an injury, debility or surgery. We can provide training on ways to stay safe and prevent injuries related to work-related movements. We provide rehabilitation for pulmonary and cardiac conditions. We accept most insurance plans and a doctor’s referral is required. Make your appointment to see our specialist today.



A1 Physical Therapy clinic will provide highest quality of physical therapy care based on compassion and competence, which will enable healing and recovery. The provider believes in providing individually designed, evidence-based physical therapy rehabilitation, prevention, and wellness treatment to the patient population served. the goals of care will be designed based on the clients interest and needs that are supported by current scientific knowledge in physical therapy, executed with utmost compassion.



As a healthcare clinician owned facility in business, A1 Physical Therapy clinic’s  philosophy is to provide the most efficient care to clients with honesty and compassion. We are in business for providing excellent competent service and enjoying the rewards of patient satisfaction.

As per the regulations in Texas, a physician referral is required for the physical therapist to provide rehabilitation or wellness interventions


A1 Physical Therapy Clinic of Irving at Las Colinas is founded by Tinu Thomas  Chacko, DPT. The founders’ clinical knowledge, compassionate care, and motivation for attaining excellence in the physical therapy field is the driving force for starting A1 Physical Therapy clinic of Irving at Las Colinas.

Our facility is an outpatient physical therapy clinic, licensed by the Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners, Austin, Texas. The business is anchored on strong clinical foundations, competence, and compassion, which brings healing through its services. Patient satisfaction, honesty, and integrity are guiding principles, based on which the care will be provided.

A1 Physical Therapy Clinic of Irving at Las Colinas provides physical therapy treatment based on guidelines of the Executive Council of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners, Austin, Texas and as per guidelines of American Physical Therapy Association. All services which are within the scope of physical therapy for all age group of patients will be offered. The provider will emphasize on providing the recent evidence based practices to enable recovery and to attain excellent results. State of the art physical therapy equipments for exercise and electrotherapy modalities will be excellent features of the clinic. In addition to traditional physical therapy treatment options, A1 Physical Therapy clinic  of Irving at Las Colinas will provide Integrative Systemic Dry Needling for pain management and sports injuries, manual therapy for spine and extremities, and Kinesio Taping and Graston’s technique which enables faster recovery. The clinic’s operational hours will cater to the needs of its customers.

Physical therapy is a science with medical background supported by research and evidences. Our physical therapist is well qualified in physical therapy diagnosis and treatment related to the scope of physical therapy practice. The skill of the practitioner is an art and is unique. We provide individualized attention to all our clients. The provider’s knowledge and expertise in the field of physical therapy gained through education and practice is outstanding which can restore the lives of many patients who will seek care at the location. As a talented, motivated, individual the practitioner has confidence in his ability  that can positively influence the quality of health of his clients.

We have latest, state of the art equipment at our office to serve you and heal you faster. Come visit us.



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