What is physical therapy?


Physical therapy is part of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physical therapists treat pain symptoms, muscle weakness, movement disorders, balance,  range of motion limitations related to orthopedic or neurological problems. We provide complete rehabilitation and help you get back to your work, leisure, and everyday life after your illness or surgery. Physical therapists use treatment options such as exercise, electricity, sound, light, muscle taping, massage, and other physical agents.


How long would therapy generally last?​

An evaluation can take up to one hour. Treatment visits are individually determined, based on your condition. You will never feel rushed under our care.


Can I seek physical therapy services directly without a referral?


No. In Texas physical therapist do not have direct access. Therefore, a doctor's referral is necessary for treatment. However, physical therapist can provide advice and consultation for asymptomatic people.


Do you offer free consultation?​

Yes. However, for treatment you will still need a doctor's referral.


Can the clinic contact the doctor if I need physical therapy?​

Yes. Based on the evaluation by the physical therapist and if your condition requires physical therapist, we can contact your physician at your request.


What are treatment options for pain at the clinic?

We have the latest therapy equipment for pain management. Apart from the electrotherapy equipments, we also have hands-on techniques for managing muscle and joint pain, such as  dry needling, taping, Graston's technique and manual therapy.


What is Graston's technique?


It is instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. Bruising and discoloration of the skin can happen as part of the healing process. We will keep you informed about your specific condition and safety.


Do you provide treatment for post surgical conditions, cardiac or respiratory conditions?​

We offer physical rehabilitation for all your medical and surgical conditions that are within the scope of physical therapy services.


Do you provide treatment for my vestibular and balance problems?​

Yes. We have training, experience and latest equipments for treating you loss of balance.


What equipments do you have for my rehabilitation needs?​

We have the latest and most sophisticated equipment. Please call and schedule a free tour of our facility.


Do you file an insurance claim?

Yes, based on the information provided by you. We accept all major insurances.  We also take cash payments for services.



Will you keep in touch with my physician regarding my condition and progress?

Yes. Based on your request and protecting your rights. We will comply to patient safety and HIPAA regulations.


Any additional questions regarding my visit to the clinic.​

Please call us and we will be happy to answer to all your questions.


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