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New Patient Information

Thank you for choosing our clinic for your rehabilitation needs. We look forward to your well being.


Your physician’s prescription is absolutely necessary at your initial visit.  Kindly make the prescription available to us at the time of the first appointment.  


You may request an appointment with us by calling us or by contacting us through this website. We will schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience. We will send you an email confirmation with the date, time and address. We will also send a text message 24 hours before your appointment to remind you about your appointment.


You may fill out the New Patient forms at the office or print and fill the forms at your home and bring them at the appointment


Please have your insurance information ready, so that we could review it and let you know the extent of coverage available to you.  We will discuss any co-payment you are required to pay. 


For your comfort, wear loose-fitting clothing and footwear when you arrive for treatment.


Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment.

The Physical Therapist will evaluate your injury or condition, discuss your goals and specific needs and develop an individualized treatment plan. Your therapist will answer all your questions, set goals with you, track your progress, and discuss treatment options with you.


We may complement your plan of treatment with a home exercise program, which is often a significant factor in the healing process and the accomplishment of your goals.


 The Therapist will interact with your case manager, physician and surgeon, and update them on your progress, as necessary.


The following day after treatment, we will send you a follow up email. Please provide us a feedback.


We will assess your condition thoroughly to understand the nature and behavior of pain. We use hands on approach, to heal you better and faster. 


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